Join the Soporset team and win every day.

Keep your eye on the ball and triumph over the competition with Soporset paper, a reliable and high-quality solution for all kinds of applications.

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Soporset range

With a comprehensive range of products for your every need, Soporset paper always rises to the occasion.

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It’s a game changer.

Defined by the finest technology and an ongoing search for innovation, Soporset paper is known for its excellent printing quality. It’s exactly what you need to succeed in everything you do.

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A high-quality performance paper that makes you a winner.

When it comes to performance, Soporset paper wins by a landslide. The entire product range is carefully produced to deliver optimal results every single time.


Soporset has a game plan for the environment.

Soporset paper comes from responsibly managed forests, using cutting-edge methods. Employing forest biomass as its primary source of energy, the manufacturing process is both ethical and energy efficient.

Where to buy

Soporset paper is available worldwide.