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Soporset is a natural born performer.


A champion in whiteness.

High whiteness levels ensure sharper contrast and vibrant images. Plus, the paper’s superior opacity prevents show-through, making it perfect for double-sided printing.

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Eucalyptus globulus. Meet the MVP.


Eucalyptus globulus is regarded by experts around the world as providing the ideal fibre for printing and writing papers.

100% Forest management in mainland Portugal are FSCTM (SA-FM/COC-001785) and PEFC (KIWA SATIVA-2009/GFS001) certified

Nurseries production capacity 12.000.000 plants/year

Purchases only certified or controlled wood

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You can’t miss with great stiffness and thickness.

The optimal stiffness-to-thickness ratio helps reduce printing waste such as paper jams, offering superior machine performance in all office equipment.

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Unrivalled smoothness and sharpness.

Smooth surfaces absorb a continuous ink coating, resulting in improved printing definition, while also extending office equipment lifetime.


The best tactics to outperform the competition.

Learn more about the Soporset range and choose the best product for you.

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Where to buy

Soporset paper is available worldwide.